Mittwoch, 4. März 2015

Kolab 3.4 released - New Skin - Chwala driver for Seafile

Hello @all, Community released Version 3.4 and it was time to get the new updates up and running.

This time there is a new driver for "chwala" integrated for +Seafile.VN so I gave it a try and tried to mix it all together.

After lots pf solving dependencies and so on I managed to get the new version up and running with Seafile attached.

That's quite amazing, for this you have to configure Seafile through Apache and connect to the LDAP.

When you were able to manage all these things, you can easily save attachments in your cloud and syncing them to your smartphone. :-)

There are still some issues on my Cubietruck which I have to solve but my Idea is to rebuild all the stuff from scratch in a chroot environment and track down all steps to get it working.

Two Screenshots showing the new skin for +Roundcube and the integration of Seafile into Chwala.

That's the new Chameleon skin for Roundcube

The same folders in seafile and chwala except the password protected one.

So the next couple of days I'm trying to set up a new build environment for the ARM-HF packages for Kolab and a Step-By-Step description.


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