Freitag, 7. März 2014

Started to compile Kolab on Raspberry Pi


now it's time to start my blog and share my experience with my Raspberry Pi.

Currently it is up and running as a mailserver for my own domain but in the near future I'm going to install kolab on it. :-)

I googled a lot about kolab and it looks promising to my needs, but ....

Yes, Raspberry Pi is not x86 or x64, it is an arm based little server with less power consuming and there are no Kolab binaries available.

So I decided to build Kolab from scratch. Daniele Gobbetti did this for Kolab 3.0.
You may find some information here:

But now we have 3.1 available and 3.2 is in the line.
To know how it works, I'll do this on my own and share all the knowledge. :-)

Writing this post, my Raspberry Pi is compiling ........ and I think it will take a lot of time to generate all the debs.

Later on I'll write some more lines (have to iron some clothes)


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