Samstag, 8. März 2014

The compilation story continues


not only pykolab was missing. The order which package to compile, install and compile again is important but we will manage this.

Now I had to compile libkolab, kolab-utils and may be some more.

I have my DEB directory in the sources.list so I know which package is currently missing (aptitude says "unavailable"). So I change into that directory, running "apt-get build-dep packagename" and it should now install all missing packages. The new one are now in my DEB directory and a "apt-get update" will take the new ones into account.

Don't forget a
dpkg-scanpackages .  | gzip -c9 > Packages.gz
before running apt-get update so the Packages.gz file is new and includes the newly created DEBs..

The story continues :-)


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